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MUST LISTEN: MIZE closes the chapter of his milestone mix series with ‘Level 10 mixtape’

Ian Evans, more widely known under his MIZE moniker, is making serious waves in the underground bass scene. Having recently signed under Liquid Stranger‘s management, Warpath Group, the Atlanta producer experienced a tipping point in terms of his bookings. Thus far on the year, MIZE has shown up on major festivals line-ups from Bonnaroo to Summercamp. Taking off on many 2020 artists to watch lists, it’s safe to say 2020 is the year of MIZE in the left-field bass world.

Now the Alabama-based producer is soaring to new heights as he surpasses 10,000 followers on SoundCloud and releases an hour-long mix to celebrate. It’s the final chapter in his milestone mix series, according to the artist.

“I truly cannot believe this milestone came so quickly,” MIZE continues. “Over the last year or so that this project has been alive I have been releasing content based on follower milestones (1k, 4k, etc) and at this point in my career I feel that I’ve outgrown that plan of attack. This mix is going to be the final conclusion for that “series” to celebrate a number I never thought possible.”

The Level 10 mixtape is a vessel that takes listeners on an intense journey back in time with several throwback hip-hop acapellas. At the same time, MIZE keeps listeners grounded in the present with the wild array of underlying beats, both familiar and unknown. Evans doesn’t even hesitate to kickoff the mixtape with a heartfelt message from late Kobe Bryant.

“This hour of songs I have handcrafted and selected is meant to take you on a chaotic yet beautiful journey across a myriad of sounds,” said MIZE, speaking to the heart of the mix. “This is the mix I’ve always wanted to make and the songs I’ve always wanted to play… Oh, and there’s also plenty of brand new unheard MIZE ID’s in the midst of it all.”

The mixtape showcases MIZE’s broad sound design and experimental capabilities that demands respect from all around. Aside from his use of unexpected acapellas, being one of the best in the game, the soundscape seamlessly moves from underground bangers to melodic downtempo. “In a way I am kind of reflecting on what brought me to this point as I am pulling tracks from all the way back to 2007 and blending them with some of the freshest sounds of the underground,” continues MIZE.

The first 35 minutes will satiate the palate of any needing to get down and let loose while the last half of the mix lets the free flowing spirits easily move with the soul. Evans took to Twitter to share the acapellas used in the mix, which include Three 6 Mafia, Missy Elliot, T-Pain, T.I., and so many more.