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Listen to MRNE and Manila Killa’s highly-emotional two-track EP, ‘Fluorescence’

After both releasing their debut projects and touring together last year, it seems natural that Manila Killa and MYRNE would work together. After all, they’ve shared similar life backgrounds and industry experiences, while boasting complimentary sonic pallets rooted in future bass. However, their newest two-track EP, Fluorescence, out now via Ultra Records, goes far beyond the realm of sound aesthetics to explore some tough, introspective themes.

“”Fear’ and ‘Where Do We Go From Here’ are songs that encompass change and the experience of going through a transition of growth,” say the creative pair on the EP. “These songs are explorations of influences that both of us bonded over when we toured together.”

Featuring a masterful mix of cinematic soundscapes, crisp, booming percussion, gentle tones, and passionate vocals, MYRNE and Manila Killa take their listeners on a highly emotional journey through some lower-level emotions likes loss and fear.


Photo credit: Dash Grey.