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MUST WATCH: ZHU performs heated Cercle DJ set atop snowy mountaintops in Japanese Alps

Cercle has developed a reputation for broadcasting exclusive concert recordings at every corner of the earth. Hosting artists from The Martin Brothers live from a scenic skyscraper in Singapore and Henrik Schwartz at the doors of Notre Dame to FJK floating on the shallow water salt flats of Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni, their productions are a rare experience for fans and an honor for any artist asked to headline.

The latest to join that exclusive group of artists is ZHU, who is featured at the Hakuba Iwatake Ski Resort in Japan. Nestled high above the clouds, the only way up to the mountain top resort from Hakuba Mountain Harbor is by gondola. Yet, with Cercle doing what Cercle does best, the team was was able to transform the place into a live concert.

The two-hour-long set features ZHU at his peak as he tailors the sounds to his tiny crowd. With a trolly introduction, organic tones, and deep house tempos ungirding the entire thing, this is the stuff that ZHU fans only dream of being live and direct to experience. That doesn’t even mention anything of the panoramic views of the Japanese Alps. Of course, don’t miss classic ZHU tracks being delivered all along the journey to heat things up a bit.