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Bob Marley - LEGAGY YouTube docuseries

Bob Marley’s family share first episode of new 12-part docu-series honoring his legacy [WATCH]

Bob Marley‘s mark on the world extends far beyond music. As one of the pioneers of reggae, the lifetime Grammy winner, peace activist, and philosopher (to many) would have been 75 years old this year. In lieu of that would-be milestone year, the family of Bob Marley have announced a new YouTube documentary series to honor his milestone life.

Entitled Bob Marley — LEGACY: 75 Years A Legend, the first episode catalogues exposé from Marley’s friends and family against archival footage of Marley himself. Marley’s family (including Ziggy, Stephen, Julian, and more) discuss what the late reggae icon meant to them and how his attitude influenced the world. Meanwhile, more musicians lay down the historical context of Marley life, providing snapshots of what it was like for Marley and others growing up in Jamaica in the forties and fifties.

The next 11 episodes of Bob Marley — LEGACY: 75 Years A Legend will premiere on YouTube in the coming months. Watch episode one now.