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William Black and Fairlane team up to bring us ‘Butterflies’

Future bass producers William Black and Fairlane have come together to give fans a new single, “Butterflies.” As their first collaboration, the beautiful melodic dubstep piece enlists the help of Dia Frampton‘s stunning vocals to create an experience that listeners will fall in love with. William Black is himself coming off of a hot year after a massively successful Pages LP, making this an ideal moment to begin dropping new tunes.

“Butterflies” starts off with a light melody and vocals, building quickly into gorgeous synth work and smoothly transitioning into a bold, moving drop. It continues as lovely as the song starts in with a bass line that is both powerful but doesn’t overtake the vocals, allowing Frampton’s incredible voice and style to shine. This song will transport you right into the feeling of your first love, possessing a youthful energy and happiness that is sure to make this track a love affair you won’t want to break up with.

Released on Lowly, the track is a perfect stepping stone for both producers’ current careers. As they rise up through the ranks, Black and Frampton are proving they know how to make heartfelt, feel-good tracks that also bring show stopping dance moments.