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Okeechobee yoga instructor leads festival attendees in a group meditation

Ways elevate your minds, bodies, and spirits at Okeechobee [EVENT COVERAGE]

40,000 people are getting ready to gather down in the heat of Florida for Okeehobee Music and Arts Festival, which fans have been anxiously waiting for the return of since their brief hiatus last year. The event was recently bought by Insomniac and they’re already shaping it up to be a truly unforgettable year. It looks like Okeechobee is finally back, and it’s gearing up to be better than ever. There will be so much going on aside from all of the incredible art and irresistible music.

They’ve got tons of activities, games, and workshops planned for Okeechobeeings to enjoy all throughout the 4-day weekend. It seems like the primary focus is on bringing people into the present moment and forming a sense of community or family.

An abundance of games will also available for everyone to play. People can let their inner children run free with the plenty of games and activities they’re offering such as giant jenga, cornhole, twister, sponge bucket races, slip n’ slides and other playful yet competitive games. The festival will even be putting on a game of beer pong for those who would like to participate.

The Spa and Wellness Zone will be hosting many workshops to help people set intentions throughout the weekend, align with their higher selves, and bring people together to connect on a much deeper level. Massages, facials, henna, and even an essential oil bar will be available to attendees all four days. Additional workshops such as bodycraft and even environmentally friendly arts and crafts will be offered throughout the weekend as well.

Yogachobee will be where people can tap into their internal selves and do some serious healing and transcending. A variety of workshops will be held throughout the entire weekend ranging from different yoga and meditation classes, to sound healings, sensory journeys, and other workshops on important conscious-raising topics like how to align yourselves and your chakras with or without the use of crystals, essential oils, and other healing tools.

The theme surrounding this upcoming weekend seems to be all about immersing people into the present moment and helping them and their inner children heal, while also making meaningful connections and memories to last a lifetime.

Come join the fun and enter the portal this weekend. Tickets to the festival are still on sale on the official Okeechobee website.

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Photo Credit: Facebook/@OkeechobeeFest.