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Four Tet performs during the Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp in Vienna, Austria

Four Tet shares incoming LP’s third and final release, ‘4T Recordings’

He also revealed March 13 as the release date for his forthcoming studio album, Sixteen Oceans.

Four Tet (real name Kieran Hebden) returns with a third single from his next full-length offering, which arrives on the British electronic musician’s very own imprint, Text Records. Titled “4T Recordings,” the record is the final deliverance from the 16-track album. It also follows last week’s release of “Teenage Birdsong,” which was included in our Friday Wrangler round-up, and the Ellie Goulding-assisted single, “Baby,” respectively.

Blissful, ambient, and atmospheric, “4T Recordings” actually takes its song name from a previously antiquated stage name that Hebden used for his earliest solo-electronic recordings. Hebden put out his first music as 4T Recordings back in 1997 while he was still a teenager in a post-rock band, called Fridge.

Sixteen Oceans marks Hebden’s tenth full-length effort, although it’s his first proper album since 2017’s New Energy. The new album will be fully unveiled during a late night release party at London’s The Cause, with support from Barely Legal, Logic1000, and Cop Envy. Limited tickets are available here.

In October, Four Tet will also be bringing his rare live show with Squidsoup stateside for to nights only in New York and Los Angeles.

Featured photo: Victoria Kager.