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Fractaled Visions and Glass Crane bring the art of Yert Yert and Hoan Pham to life at Okeechobee 2020

Watch these amazing Fractaled Visions visuals during Tipper’s Okeechobee set

Tipper fans descended upon Sunshine Grove this past weekend for Okeechobee‘s triumphant return. During his Saturday night primetime set, Tipper unleashed a journey filled set with loads of unreleased music. While Tipper’s recognizable psychedelic sound was on full display, so too were his immersive visuals. This time around, Tipper welcomed regular collaborators Fractaled Visions (Keith Anderson) and Glass Crane (Steven McCorry) to take on VJing and animations.

However, the undisputed highlight of the set came when the two visual artists featured an original piece of artwork from two artists straight out of the Tipper community. The black and white visuals are from a collaborative piece between Yert Yert and Hoan Pham. The original artwork is currently untitled and may go into print production soon.

It’s no secret that Dave Tipper’s visuals are a step above the rest and that his mind-bending sets wouldn’t be what they are without the visual art community. Which is why Tipper loves to prop up visual artists and elevate them at the same level as himself. Okeechobee was just another reminder of the beautiful spirit of collaboration that pervades the world of Tipper.

Also check out these fan-recorded moments of Tipper’s Okeechobee 2020 set.

Tipper in Okeechobee, FL from Tipper

🥵🥵 damn near burnt down my she shed from Tipper

Nice juicy lattice remix from Tipper