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New Porter Robinson single coming tomorrow

After delivering the news that his sophomore album, Nurture, will be arriving sometime this year, Porter Robinson wasted no time in sharing the LP’s first single, “Get Your Wish,” with fans. Now the Worlds producer has announced the album’s second single will arrive tomorrow, March 10.

In his recent announcement over Twitter, Porter posted a few photos of nature along with the song’s title, “Something Comforting.” Seeing how the album is entitled Nurture, one might immediately see the artistic dichotomy between nature and nurture. The music video for his last single also featured water, while the song’s lyrics touched on washing away anxiety. A theme is certainly beginning to emerge.

Considering how much of stylistic shift “Get Your Wish” took from his last album, fans can only imagine what’s in store for the the newest deliverance from Porter Robinson’s next album.




Photo credit: Rukes.