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Slander and Said The Sky unearth beautiful acoustic cover of ‘Potions’ ft. JT Roach

Slander and Said The Sky have two distinct sounds that go together like peanut butter and jelly. That’s why their hotly anticipated release of “Potions,” featuring the vocals of JT Roach, took their respective fanbases to soaring new heights a year ago. Now, in lieu of their joint EDC Las Vegas set in May, the heaven trap duo and said boy producers have released a gorgeous acoustic version of their hit collaboration.

The stripped-back version of “Potions” is every bit as soaring, although noticeably more subdued than it’s original. No punching, feel-good drops, no electronic synthesizers, just pure, unbridled energy. Said The Sky’s talents on the piano are allowed to shine on the acoustic cut, along with JT Roach’s airy falsetto and the song’s touching lyrical content. “Potions” is a love song, through and through.

The acoustic version of “Potions” is out now via Monstercat.