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Vibe Street releases funky get-down tune, announces 2020 spring run dates

In light of so many tours and festivals being canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many artists are taking to the interwebs to do live sets for their fan communities. Colorado-based DJ/producer Ben Davis, also known under his Vibe Street moniker, happens to be one of those artists. The self-proclaimed “Grass-Hop/Future-Folk” artist took to his Facebook recently to deliver a dynamic set from his home in Denver, which ranged from feel-good, blue-grassy tunes, to spacey, soulful electronic beats.

That’s not all. In addition, Vibe Street also released a new tune along with a string of tour stops, which he says he feels hopeful will be able to go down in May. The tune, “Back Like Jordan,” features the vocals of Robbie Dude and really plays out as a mood lifter. Equipped with Davis’ bass-heavy breakdowns, glitchy scratching, and soulful melodies, along with Robbie Dude’s hip-hop sampling, “Back Like Jordan” showcases just why bass and jamtronica go together like peanut butter and jelly.

During his 7-date touring stint, Vibe Street will hit Atlanta, Boston, Baltimore, Boulder, and more across the month of May. Davis says he feels hopeful about the future and seeing his crowd out on the road in due time.

“The future has never been less certain, but I know one thing for sure – I want to share it with you all. We will not succumb to irrational fear. We will remember that our salvation lies in supporting each other,” Davis said. “Come this May, I hope to be breathing healthy, clean air, flying all over this country singing, dancing and smiling with my favorite people. The structures that no longer support this world are crumbling. Something new is being born. And it’s ours.”