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Middlelands confirmed to make long-awaited return in 2021

For the lucky festival fanatics who were able to attend Middlelands‘ lone year down in the Lone Star state, they will tell you the Insomniac-produced event was one of the best to ever come from the LA-based production company. The year was 2017 and Middlelands made its spectacular debut at the Texas Renaissance Fairgrounds. Following multiple noise complaints by some persnickety neighbors in the area, and even an accusation that the sound killed a local llama, the Renaissance-themed festival was grounded before it could take flight.

Now, after rumors that Middlelands would be returning in 2021, Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella has given everyone a bit of good news in these dark times. According to a recent Instagram live update by Rotella, Middlelands is still returning in 2021 and more news is coming. While it’s almost a guarantee that the festival will not be returning to those beloved grounds just outside of Houston, fans are just excited to see that the festival concept will be spreading its wings once again. Not much information was given beyond Rotella’s official confirmation, but stay tuned as CE follows all Middlelands related news closely.

View the tweet below for more information on what was covered during Insomniac’s live briefing.

H/T: EDM Maniac. Photo credit: Julian Cassady/Insomniac.