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Zebbler Encanti, Levitation Jones, Mt Analogue, & more come together for ‘Industry Strong’ live-stream

As the COVID-19 situation develops worldwide, artists and industry professionals are rapidly adjusting their income streams as revenue from live shows dries up. With the postponements of major events across the globe in the coming months, as well as local shows and gigs being canceled, everyone from musicians, managers, visual artists, lighting techs, sound engineers and more are coming together to support each other.

Stepping into the arena are production companies Electric Impulse, the force behind Equinox, and Starborn Productions, which puts on Quasar Festival. Together, they are rapidly pulling together a diverse and talented lineup to live-stream on Saturday, March 21st. Beginning at 12 PM EST, a variety of artists will be streaming live sets and keeping the music going all day and all night.

Zebbler Encanti Experience, Levitation Jones, Mt Analogue, A Hundred Drums, LuSid, and more will be providing their musical gifts during the event. Visual artists will be supplying their craft as part of the stream as well. Any donations made during the stream will go directly to benefit the artists and professionals putting on the event.

Starborn Productions will be ramping up the content available as time goes on. In addition to music, the streaming platform will include activities for mental and physical stimulation while the general population is trapped inside. Yoga, meditation, flow workshops, lectures, general chats, and more will be available in the coming days.

While Quasar Festival itself has been postponed until the spring, the online resources offered here aim to mitigate the cancellation of so many events. Industry Strong aims to unite musicians, industry professionals, and fans in a network of wellness and support.

Tune in to the live stream Saturday, March 21, on Twitch here.

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