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Pasquale Rotella hints at Middlelands return in 2021

Middlelands 2017 will forever go down as one of Pasquale Rotella‘s crowning achievements. That’s saying something considering Insomniac Events puts on award-winning spectacle events like Electric Daisy Carnival, Electric Forest, Nocturnal Wonderland, and many more. Every element of the festival hit the mark—from the incredible line up, to the planning and logistics, to the incredible venue location at the Texas Renaissance Festival grounds.

Running only one year deep in the heart of Texas, Middlelands was forced to cancel almost immediately after its landmark opening year. The move was due to staunch protest from locals about the noise levels, especially considering the sound camps ran until 8 o’clock in the morning. Rotella did everything in his power to restore Middlelands the following year. The Insomniac CEO even flew down to Todd Mission, Texas to take part in the town counsel meetings and even put forth a peace offering in the form of financial investments to improve the town. Alas, no level of politicking would change the minds of those finicky neighbors.

Not long after the decision, Rotella posted a couple of videos to his Instagram live story of him scouting possible locations for the festival for 2018. However, nothing ever came of it. Until now. In a recent post to his personal Instagram, Rotella responded to a fan’s comment to “Bring back Middlelands,” where he revealed it’s “very close.”

Very close. 2021 looking good,” said Rotella.

With those five words, the hype for Middlelands 2021 went into full swing over the internet. Pasquale has undoubtedly become the face and voice of the EDM generation in America… so when the Insomniac bossman speaks, people pay attention. Not much other information has been revealed, but it’s wonderful to see Rotella hasn’t given up on bringing the people what they want. Plus, one year is not far off. Expect to see much more information about the grand return of Middlelands in 2021.

H/T: YourEDM.