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Purity Ring continues album roll-out with two new singles

Last month, Purity Ring announced the upcoming release of their third studio album, WOMB, along with accompanying tour. To say fans are stoked would be putting it lightly; they’ve certainly been extremely patient over the past five years. The album’s April 3 release will mark the Canadian duo’s first full-length project to land since 2015’s Another Eternity, which sent music lovers worldwide into a state of bliss and received endless amounts of live treatments and studio remixes from dance music DJs across the globe.

The two co-creators previously released “stardew” off the upcoming WOMB album. Now they are generously gracing fans with two more tracks, “peacefall” and “pink lightning,” which was unofficially released on a cryptic website that hosted an electronic scavenger hunt leading to the song not too long ago.

The new tracks are both beautifully melodic, staying true to the sounds that Purity Ring is known and loved for. They’ve got their own Megan James singing elegantly heartfelt lyrics in each of the songs, bringing about a range of emotions from euphoric to nostalgic to blue. Though the two tracks are more buoyant and upbeat than the first tune we heard off the album, they are equally as emotional.

Purity Ring is stealing hearts and gaining the attention of so many new fans while rekindling the love of old fans with just a few snippets of the upcoming 10-track album. “peacefall” takes listeners on a pleasant journey into the light of elation, eager to hear what’s to come.

Photo Credit: Facebook/@PurityRingMusic