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ODESZA breaks their hiatus by delivering serene ‘NO.SLEEP Mix.12’

After wrapping up their emotional showstopping A Moment Apart tour in 2019, ODESZA (Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight) left the spotlight for a well-deserved break. With only sporadic social media posts since New Year’s Eve, fans were informed here and there that the Seattle-based production duo were back in the studio. Now, to help fans during these trying times of social isolation, ODESZA has broken their silence by releasing their first NO.SLEEP mix in more than two years.

“​These mixes are a reminder of the power of music to bring people together even when we are apart,” says ODESZA during their YouTube premiere of the mix. “Please support small businesses, medical workers, and those who have lost their job amongst this outbreak as you are able. Now is the time for solidarity from a distance. Please take a moment for yourself today.”

The mixtape opens with an audio sample from Mills’ mother, encouraging listeners to “slow down, and find moments that only belong to you…be blessed with all that makes you happy and healthy.” From there, it’s a touching, ambient, and at times deep and cosmic journey that rolls from ethereal lightheartedness to soul-cleansing synthesizers without pause. With songs and remixes from Kiasmos, RÜFÜS DU SOL, Drake, Haim, Max Cooper, and Four Tet among others, NO.SLEEP Mix.12 is a stylistically expansive journey dipping into house, indie, trance, and more.

Over twelve thousand people logged in to hear the live premiere, connecting over music and the return of one of the world’s most prolific electronic pairings. Shortly after the special edition mix landed, ODESZA announced that fans can now expect a weekly mix series from their label, Foreign Family, called “Intermission Broadcast.” While Mills and Knight are still busy hunkering down in the studio, the new label mixes will spotlight artists on the imprint and allow ODESZA to continue holding space within the music industry.