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ODESZA’s A Moment Apart 2018 tour is a stunning display of sights and sounds [TOUR REVIEW]

For long time fans of ODESZA, who’ve been following the duo since their 2012 Summer’s Gone album, witnessing a daytime festival set or sunset opening slot was not only common but invigorating. It’s hard believe those days are over.

ODESZA have not only solidified themselves closing headliners — with monumental performances at Red Rocks and a Coachella headlining slot that will go down in history — they’re nearing the brink of becoming a household name.

Since their explosive third studio album release in A Moment Apart, Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight are no longer just an ethereal two-piece electronic act. What was once two pals playing on their synthesizers and drum pads is now a full blown orchestral spectacle to behold. With an entire horn section, a guitarist, and a six-member drumline, the ODESZA live experience moves far beyond the realm of electronic dance music. It’s cinematic and theatrical, visually stunning, intricately timed, and emotionally raw.

The now-Grammy nominated duo began their album-accompanying tour back in 2017. Upon selling out stadium venues all over the world, Mills and Knight decided on a continuation of the tour into 2018.

And, boy, we’re glad they did.

As someone whose seen their act evolve over the years, ODESZA’s A Moment Apart tour is without a doubt one of the most inspiring and stunning live experiences I’ve ever witnessed. It’s rollercoaster of sounds and emotions that strikes at the heart and wows all the senses. Don’t believe me? Then head over to the photo gallery.

Here are a few of our favorite moments:

ODESZA - A Moment Apart Tour 2018

Naomi Wild sings “Higher Ground,” ODESZA, A Moment Apart Tour, 2018

ODESZA - A Moment Apart Tour 2018

ODESZA jams with their drum line and horn section. ODESZA, A Moment Apart Tour, 2018.

ODESZA - A Moment Apart Tour 2018

Creative Director Luke Tanaka delivers stunning lighting design.

ODESZA - A Moment Apart Tour 2018

ODESZA plays their intro to Summer’s Gone followed by “How Did I Get Here.”

ODESZA - A Moment Apart Tour 2018

ODESZA fans cheer as Clay and Harrison take to the stage.

Jai Wolf - ODESZA - A Moment Apart Tour 2018

Jai Wolf delivers a beautiful opening performance on ODESZA’s A Moment Apart Tour 2018.