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Porter Robinson’s official music for ‘Something Comforting’ explores grounded earth metaphors [WATCH]

Porter Robinson has been quite busy lately. Just after the five year anniversary of his iconic debut album, Worlds, Robinson has announced his sophomore artist concept album, Nurture. To prepare for the release, Robinson has given his adoring fanbase “Get Your Wish” and “Something Comforting.” While the first music video focused on water as an elemental metaphor, the latter now arrives as one focused on the earth.

The video depicts Robinson laying in a grassy knoll against the same digital screen from “Get Your Wish,” which draws powerful parallels between the song’s deeper meanings. While Robinson was soaked and emotional in his first video, “Something Comforting” features a calm and grounded Robinson on the simulated nature set. Interestingly, the video’s latter end shows Porter’s body ascending into air with lightning strikes in the background. The depiction could very well be pointing to the themes in the next two releases being fire and air.

In addition, Robinson has launched a virtual world for fans to listen to his next two singles together. It couldn’t come at a more timely moment as so many around the globe are being forced indoors to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Not that Robinson did it for that reason at all. The game-changing dance music producer has always carried around a video gamer ethos both in his music and in his personal life.