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Aussie bass outfit BKLV’s ‘Lunar Dust’ takes listeners on an atmospheric ride deep into the low-end

BKLV (real name George Prentoski) is an Australian electronic musician, visual artist, and film editor. He has developed an atmospheric style unifying heavy melodic bass lines and experimental sonics to create a deep, ethereal ambiance. Releasing several underground bass music gems over the years, he returns to the fore with “Lunar Dust,” out now on Aspire Higher.

“Lunar Dust” is a hybrid trap/dubstep sound with a delicate and heavy essence. Laced with foreboding builds, cinematic tones, plenty of breakbeats, and extremely chilling sub-bass lines, BKLV’s newest single feels like floating in a decompression chamber while contemplating life and death. This is a tracks that is both deeply curious and exploratory as much as it is masterfully mastered and produced.

With a passion for producing, BKLV was originally influenced by rap and hip hop beats which eventually transformed upon becoming a fan of early UK dubstep and artists like Radiohead and Burial. BKLV creates 3D digital art to showcase a visual expression of his music