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Porter Robinson reveals virtual world for co-listening to two upcoming singles

The ever-inventive Porter Robinson has been quick on the draw with the rollout of an innovative, quarantine-appropriate approach to experiencing his two newest singles. Off the highly-anticipated upcoming Nurture LP, “Get Your Wish” and “Something Comforting” can now be enjoyed in a digital world as users enter and become a virtual participant in an interactive environment. The interactive website, nurtu.re, turns fans into a controllable beam of light as they choose to go through a digital portal to either one of the two songs.

As users enter the experience, the option to go through the portal to either song is apparent, and the world inside the portal is based on the corresponding artwork from each single. Each time users load the site, they are paired up with another fan to frolic in the digital realm together. There are also two unfinished portals, suggesting that perhaps we will see two additional single releases before the new album, which is coming later this year.