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Opiuo and CloZee share 2020 Red Rocks Mix with unreleased collaboration

Although CloZee and Opiuo‘s Red Rocks event is still on schedule to take place out in Colorado on May 28, the future of every music event remains uncertain. As of right now, the venue has only canceled events up until May 11. That adds up to over a month of leeway, but it’s unsure what things will look like then.

Regardless, the two have just provided fans stuck in quarantine with an incredible 30-minute Red Rocks Mix. It features an unreleased collaboration between the two that was inspired by the undeniable synergy between their music as well as tracks from other artists on the event’s lineup. Instantly recognizable are tracks from Of The Trees, LSDREAM, and K+Lab, and shows consistently that if the event does take place on May 28, it will certainly be one to remember. The mix does a great job of demonstrating how beautiful they all sound together. The two artists even include an exciting twist on Bill Hicks’ famous “It’s Just A Ride” speech.

Opiuo shared with Billboard Dance that “this mix shows the pure originality, epic variety, and beautifully complementary sounds from all of the acts on the lineup. It really does. The mix takes listeners on a brief sonic journey, allowing all of us to take a quick trip out to colorful Colorado to dance amongst the rocks under the bright blue sky, watching the sunset and the lights come out.”

“I couldn’t be more excited and honored to play alongside amazing people and friends. It’s a dream gig for me,” CloZee also shared with Billboard. Despite the pandemic sweeping the globe, artists remaining hopeful in the face of adversity is a welcome breath of fresh air for fans.

Tickets to the event are still on sale here. Be sure to stream the full mix below!


CloZee – ID
Of The Trees – Spanish Moss
LSDream – Spaceship ft. Meredith Bull
CloZee – ID
Of The Trees – Honeydust ft. Kala
Opiuo & CloZee – ID
Justin Hurwitz – Overture (Opiuo Remix Producer Cut)
K+Lab ft. Bdice & Def3 – Different Kinda Cold
LSDream & Shlump – Starchild ft. Sarah Hudson
Opiuo & Vorso – ID
Opiuo – ID
Opiuo – AWOL
K+Lab – Ew ft. Canosis

Photo Credit: Michael Martin