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LSDREAM unexpectedly releases atmospheric ambient ‘Rain Song’

In the face of a life-changing global pandemic, the routines of people worldwide have been completely erased or changed. Many artists have had to cancel or postpone events all the way through June, leaving them with very little income over the next few months.

LSDREAM has been very vocal on Twitter recently, trying to shine some light in the dark. He told everyone that his DMs were open for anyone experiencing any anxiety or other negative and unwanted emotions during this time. When asked how he was doing, he replied, “I’m ok. I’m a warrior in the struggle. Just trying to shine some light to whoever needs it.”

A lot of this energy has been channeled into creating new music, with a recent focus on some downtempo tunes. He’s just released a new track which is both ambient and alluring, intended to bring about a sense of peace in the chaos.

Written on a rainy day in the studio, LSDREAM shared the whole process behind the creation of the song on Instagram. Watch the man make magic by mixing some of his signature sounds in with a downtempo beat and some sound bowl recordings that he actually records himself.

You can feel the weight lift off your shoulders with this track. It’s magical and uplifting, which is exactly what the world needs more of right now. He’s said he will be adding new “quarantunes” in the near future and is also currently working on an even longer mix, similar to that of his 30 minute Cosmic Soundbath he shared on Soundcloud, which came from his Okeechobee set.