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‘I was at an absolute creative low point’: Porter Robinson delves deep into the meaning behind ‘Something Comforting’ [MUST LISTEN]

Porter Robinson is turning the page onto a new creative chapter in his young but storied career. After taking a two year detour for his Shelter and Virtual Self projects, the Worlds producer is coming back to his indie-electronic sensibilities on Nurture. Due out by the end of this year, the project is Porter Robinson’s second studio full-length and his first since his debut Worlds LP released in 2014.

To prepare for such a grand re-entrance — although, let’s be real, he never really went anywhere — Porter now comes forward with the second single off his forthcoming album with “Something Comforting.” The track follows “Get Your Wish,” which, when taken together, are beginning to formulate a theme on Nurture. That is, nature versus nurture.

Taken on its own, “Something Comforting” hits in a way that only Porter Robinson can do. Complete with Porter’s classic electro-pop leanings, including toy box synths, vibrant keys, and vibrant landscapes, the record comes from a deeply personal space for Robinson. He released the record alongside a personal message to his fans detailing he prolonged creative struggle he went through in the years after Worlds.

“I was trying for hundreds of hours a week to make something new,” Robinson said, “and trying so many new ideas, and just feeling unhappy with everything, feeling really, really critical of everything that I was doing, and just feeling like nothing was good enough, and just at the absolute creative low point. And I was really beginning to question whether or not I would ever be able to make music again. And that was a very scary thought to me.”

Robinson also said he wouldn’t end up completing a song for Nurture for another three years, and it took him nearly five to finish “Something Comforting.” Watch the video and stream the newest single now.