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Kaskade delivers tech-house influenced club single, ‘Sexy’

As a household name in electronic music for nearly two decades, Kaskade (Ryan Raddon) needs no introduction. His list of achievements is a mile long: 11 studio albums, seven Grammy nominations, the first electronic artist to headline Coachella, and the list goes on. Now the Los Angeles-based veteran act is turning up the heat on his latest release “Sexy,” a real club-ready single from his upcoming Redux 004 EP. The single follows “Love Like This,” which Raddon released earlier this month.

“If there is such thing as a peak time REDUX banger, it would be my new song, ‘Sexy,'” says Kaskade in a press release. “As the thought of REDUX has matured, so has the music that I make for it. I think about how each song will fit into a set, how it will vibe with the crowd. ‘Sexy’ is a result of that progression. Those who might not understand what I’m doing with REDUX will still be waiting for the drop, but the ones who know… will REALLY feel it when this one slaps.”

Diverting from his more melodic sounds, the icon leans into a more tech-house influence with bouncy, driving basslines, and a dirty drop that will set dance floors on fire. “Sexy” incorporates some fun expected touches, such as the catchy vocal riff and piano interlude. It’s no coincidence that the Redux 004 EP has only four tracks, each designed for its own audience. Be prepared for an experience like no other as Kaskade immerses you in the deep, groovy core of dance music.