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Kaskade release first single from forthcoming redux 004

Kaskade debuts sultry first single from forthcoming ‘Redux 004’

Redux has become much more than just an intimate set experience. It’s more than a string of projects even. For Kaskade fans worldwide, Redux is a celebrated ideal. “Redux started out as an intention for people to experience big sound in a small environment. It’s not an era of music but a prescription of mood,” says Ryan Raddon, the Los Angeles-based producer behind the Kaskade project.

“The concept has been able to stretch, breathe and grow, and with every show I learn a little bit more about what it can be.”

Now Raddon is not only primed for the return of his iconic Redux tour, but the EP’s fourth installment, Redux 004. To stir up the excitement, Kaskade has released the forthcoming project’s premier track, “Love Like That,” featuring singer Dani Poppitt.

“Lyrically, the song has this ability to be an in or out of love gymnast,” says Kaskade on the writing of the song. “It is one of those pieces where you can’t decide if you want to break up with this song or get married to it.”

More than just another love song, Kaskade expertly works his magic with after-hours worthy basslines and a haunting piano riff that listeners won’t easily be able to forget. Woven together with Poppitt’s sultry, soulful vocal performance, “Love Like That” evokes images of blissful, balmy nights in dark rooms dancing with beautiful strangers.

To celebrate the coming roll out, Kaskade will touch down in Miami, San Diego, Sante Fe, and Brooklyn between March and May. There’s no coincidence that Kaskade’s Redux 004 EP has only four tracks, each designed for its own audience. “It’s not an East or West Coast sound, it’s specific to each audience,” Kaskade elaborates.

For those lucky enough to have secured a ticket to one of the immediately sold-out shows, be prepared for an experience like no other as Kaskade immerses his crowds in the deep, groovy core of dance music in an exquisitely intimate atmosphere.

The aptly-timed release of Redux 004 will hit digital retailers on March 4.

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