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Chet Porter and Alison Wonderland look at phone together in green room

Chet Porter enlists Alison Wonderland on enchanting indie-electronic gem,’Bummed’

Chet Porter and Alison Wonderland are channeling their hipster energy. The close friends and now-collaborators have just released a captivating indie-electronic gem titled “Bummed.” The joint effort comes almost a year and half after Chet was featured on Radio Wonderland, the Aussie superstar producer’s Apple Music Podcast show.

Characterized by retro 80s synths, echoing vocals and duetted lyrics from Porter and Wonderland, and lofi-tinged atmospheres, the song feels a lot like a ditty from The Postal Service. This is one track that will shoot its listeners straight into an 80s teenie bopper film. On the one hand nostalgic, on the other forward thinking and clean, “Bummed” is Chet Porter at his best. This is a producer who has always leaned toward the indie side of music and life, so it’s refreshing to see him tapping into his own soul.