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capshun fuses chill trap with Japanese undertones in experimental debut EP, ‘Okami’

capshun is one talented experimental bass artist that has caught our ears and captured our hearts at CE. His genre-defying sound has already gained support from big-name artists like What So Not, The Chainsmokers, San Holo, UZ, and notice from platforms Insomniac, Deadbeats, and more. capshun is also one of the creators and curators of Bonsai, an artist collective that is quickly becoming one of the premier groups for experimental electronic music.

The Dallas-based producer has just unveiled his debut EP, Okami. Born out of his love for Southeast Asian culture, the six-song effort takes listeners on an epic journey that fuses exotic soundscapes with trap and bass for a sound that is truly in a world of its own.

“Okami is an alternate name for Ametersu, who, in Japanese Shinto religion is seen as the goddess of the sun and the universe,” explains capshun on the meaning behind the song’s title. “There is a Japanese Folk tale where Okami walks the earth as a wolf deity and brings miracles and basically saves Japan from destruction. I wanted to create a world that brings the elements of the goddess to life through sound.”

From the future bass tones and powerful 808s on “Destiny,” to the regal and introspective and regal energy of “Kimetsu,” to the distinct tribal undertones of the slow-burner, “Acai Tower,” the entire EP is bright, calming, and grippingly optimistic. At times cinematic, at others stark and busy, Okami explores myriad emotions and sounds in the playful chill trap domain and beyond.

What makes the project stand out most is how capshun toys with sounds linked to Japanese culture and bridges them with chill trap, which hasn’t been done before in electronic music. This is a piece of work that will define capshun’s bright future as an artist.