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Spotify starts COVID-19 relief project

The arts have ground to a halt in wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, leaving actors, artists, and musicians all stranded with little idea when their industries will return to normal. The sudden lack of income from tours and shows has caused them to turn to other sources of revenue — be it fans donating money or buying merchandise. Luckily for many of those who are struggling, the global streaming service, Spotify, has begun a campaign to raise up to $10 million dollars to aid impacted musicians.

“We’re working with a growing list of organizations offering financial relief to creators around the country to find ways to support our community,” said Spotify on the project’s page. “The Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief project has been created to amplify the efforts of organizations that focus on helping those most in need, beginning with those listed below.” 

The company is matching donations dollar for dollar, to organizations and charities around the world such as MusiCares, PRS Foundation, and the Unison Benevolent Fund. To get involved, head over to their donation page, select your organization of choice and follow their instructions. If you can’t donate today, stream your favorite artists instead– every bit makes a difference.

Featured photo courtesy of Spotify HR Blog.