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Aplsoz reveals next chapter in his sonic storyline, ‘Light (purpose of this)’

Floridian producer Aplsoz (real name Cody Bones) has been on CE‘s radar for some time now. Since as early as 2018, Aplsoz’s saucy bass music stamp, a sound he calls “ultra-captivationism,” has lifted our moods and spirits with its beautifully immersive heaviness. Last time we checked in, Bones was releasing his Kore EP, where he told us that his aim was to “create a similar grit and vulgarity that I love in the music of those who do it best.” Now, Aplsoz returns with a track that does just that, “Light (the purpose of this).”

Landing as the third installment in Aplsoz’s ongoing four-part multimedia saga, Sonic Storyline, the track is heavy from the gate. Bones has always been a master of blending immersive bass lines with hopeful, twinkling toplines. “Light” showcases how effortlessly Bones follows his ear and heart. Moreover, the multimedia aspect of the saga brings a whole new dimension to the track, so be sure to check the narrative adventure below as well.

“I designed this story to give you hope, hope for a future,” says Aplsoz, “we all go through moments of negative magnitude in our lives and together we can make it through anything.”

The narration is definitely reminiscent of a trend we’re beginning to notice coming straight out of the Florida underground bass community right now, which goes to show that Bones has firmly rooted himself in the Sunshine State. Also, be sure to check out the first two singles of the storyline, “Come With Me” and “Love (will take you there),” respectively.