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Tune into Envision’s online festival this weekend, Zoom Room

When Envision Festival rang in its tenth-anniversary celebration this past February, little did the world know at the time that it would be the last festival for a while. Now the Costa Rica based festival is joining the online trend of offering fans and attendees live streams. Organizers are inviting fans to join Envision’s global community on Zoom this weekend as they deep dive with their favorite artists, educators, and fans around the world.

“Our producers Ashleigh Sergeant, Sarah Wu, and Stephen Brooks will Live-Stream host our best friends including Jai Dev Singh, Amber Ryan, Gone Gone Beyond, Andrew Sealy, David Satori, & Lala Palmieri for some amazing workshops,” says Envision. “We’re so excited to re-connect with you all and find new ways to elevate the vibration while keeping a strong mind, body, spirit!”

Some of the events which will take place during the weekend of April 4-6 include a live concert with Gone Gone Beyond, Kundalini yoga and yoga meditation sessions, and more talks to channel one’s power during this current unprecedented time. With talks like “Immune Boosting Flow,” “Creativity and Quarantine,” and “Rewrite Your Stress Response,” this is one free offering that transcendental lifestyle gurus will not want to miss.

Join the Envision Zoom Room now and stay tuned for more exclusive Envision content in the coming weeks.


Photo credit: Ryan Quella.