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Ableton is offering free production software for 90 days

The time for those itching to begin their production career is now. It has never been easier or more accessible to do so, thanks to one of the world’s most trusted digital audio workstations (DAW), Ableton. Not only is there plenty of time for everyone practicing social distancing at home to learn something new and really hone in on their crafts, but the company is also making it easier and more accessible right now. Ableton Live Suite is now offering a 90 day free trial of their software during these unprecedented times.

“The shared experience of music-making is something that can keep us together in spirit,” Ableton shared in the announcement.

The trial offer features:

  • a 90 day free trial of Ableton Live Suite
  • a free Spectral Textures pack along with new sounds
  • access to two websites, Learning Music and Learning Synths, which offer easy introductions to making music

Ableton offers one of the music industry’s greatest production tools, with artists often praising it for being the gold standard in DAW.  Make the most of the time and the resources that are currently available and download Ableton Live Suite 10 now. The company even says they’ve got more coming, so stay tuned.