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Desert Hearts mainstay Marbs reveals two-track psychedelic EP, ‘Pslio’

As the collaborative project of Marbs, Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, and Porky, the Desert Hearts collective often define their movement as “a tribute to house, techno, and love.” For many fans deeply embedded into the community, though, the mantra only scratches the surface. The group holds several events throughout each year, including City Hearts Festival, Let’s Make Love, plenty of Desert Hearts takeovers around the US, and their flagship gathering in California, Desert Hearts Festival. In addition, the brand also heads two thriving record labels: Desert Hearts Records for house rhythms and Desert Hearts Black for the techno-leaning stuff. With such a dedicated and supportive fan base, it only stands to reason that their music makes waves as well.

Founding DH crew member, Marbs, is a driving force behind many of these events, planning logistics to make sure party-goers never have to pause the fun, as well as being a talented artist who hand-draws the designs for many Desert Hearts releases. Musically, he’s a commander of tech-house, creating grooves and rhythms that are impossible not to dance to. His latest project, the two-track Pslio EP, is no exception. With dark, psychedelic and moving beats, he captures a sense of energy and adventure that lasts long after listening. The tracks are nearly eight minutes each, a quintessential clock-in for any good techno journey, making sure listeners have plenty of time to ease in and fully enjoy the beat. Take some time to get deep with Marbs, and emerge a refreshed soul.

Featured photo courtesy of Desert Hearts Records.