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Newly-formed Mukti Music Group delivers striking experimental bass compilation: Levitation Jones, Aplsoz, & more

Mukti Music Group is the creative brainchild of JuJu Beats and Xenotype. The newly formed independent imprint has just made a massive statement in the underground bass world. Not just because they are centered in Atlanta, a bass music hotspot of the country, but because they’ve just put out a massively pleasing experimental bass music compilation, titled Parea. The 14-tracker is an all-out psychedelic journey into different sounds of bass music.

A Parea in Greek culture is a group of friends who regularly gather together to share their experiences about life, their philosophies, values, and ideas to celebrate the simple things in life,” according to the album’s title description.

This is the kind of character that makes Muti Music Group so appealing: there’s a mystery shrouded in their very fiber of being, such that it draws listeners in truly for the love of sound. Is Mukti a collective? Is it a label? BOTH/AND. Or perhaps neither, because who cares about the incessant need for labeling. It’s always been all about the music.

Each artist on Parea takes listeners through elements of world, free-form, downtempo, heavy low-tempo, experimental dub, and more. From Aplsoz‘s self-proclaimed “ultra-captivationism” on “Chippy Beast” to Levitation Jones‘ adventures into deep, dark, low-end, the EP is jam-packed with exciting psychedelic twists and turns. If one is yearning for the more calming, blissful sounds of world music, turn to the organic tones of Zeplinn‘s hip-hop-laced downtempo on “Lakeside L’s” or Prismada‘s soothing tribal tones and dubstep rhythms on “Matanga.”

As the first full cohesive full-length project from Mukti, this is one EP that every bass head needs in their life. On the one hand, Parea is calm, cool, collected, and meditative, on the other, it’s deep, dangerously rowdy dungeon bass. There’s just so much diversity and cohesion, we’re honestly blown away.