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Calvin Harris recruits Eli Brown on fourth 'Love Regenerator' EP

Calvin Harris recruits Eli Brown on fourth acid-tinged EP as Love Regenerator, ‘Moving’

Calvin Harris is holding good on his promise to move back to his early days of acid house. With four consecutive EP releases now under his belt as Love Regenerator, which Harris has been pursuing as a side project since January, he’s even played under the alias for live stream events.

Harris has now teamed up with Bristol-based DnB defector-turned-househead, Eli Brown, for another swift compilation in Moving. Both producers began teasing the two-tracker over their socials earlier this week, with the EP coming to full fruition with “Moving” and “Don’t You Want Me.”

Brown’s high-energy 4×4 production style is the perfectly dressed addition to the Love Regenerator aesthetic. Brown wasn’t always a househead, though. His roots can be traced back to his hometown’s fertile drum-n-bass scene. It’s this energy that Brown brings to Love Regenerator’s acid squelches and deep, driving basslines.

From the jazzy keys, swift tempos, industrial tones, and syncopated basslines of the title track, “Moving,” to the similar vintage sounds and synths on “Don’t You Want Me,” listeners will be transported back into the peak of a discotheque on this energetic soul-pleaser. With extended cuts of the two tracks, listeners might even find themselves