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Kaskade completes ‘Redux 004’ roll out with two poignant new singles, ‘Find Love’ & ‘Feel It’

Less than six weeks ago, Kaskade began rolling out his next Redux installment with “Love Like That” — an emotive deep house cut with vocalist Dani Poppitt. Arriving less than a year since his Redux 003 LP, fans were beginning to call Kaskade’s redux trend an era of music. Then, the legacy producer released the club-ready dancefloor heater, “Sexy,” which took a decidedly tech-house approach. Now Kaskade rounds out his full EP with two more singles, “Find Love” and “Feel It.”

The two tracks are just as stylistically different as the previously released pair. Whereas “Find Love” is a lo-fi tinged chill house tune with groove appeal, “Feel It” kicks it up a notch with heavy snare kicks, a thumping four-to-the-floor house beat, disco/funk elements, and an instrumental lounge vibe. In any case, Kaskade has rounded out a project that is as rich in diversity as it is a pure prescription of mood.

The intention behind the new EP was to dedicate each track to one city along his four-city Redux 004 tour. Unfortunately, coronavirus had other plans and the tour was sidelined. Still, the show must still go on, as they say in show business.

For Kaskade, though, Redux was never really about the show, or an era of his music, for that matter. “Redux started out as an intention for people to experience big sound in a small environment. It’s not an era of music but a prescription of mood,” says Ryan Raddon, the Los Angeles-based producer behind the Kaskade project.

Photo credit: Rukes.