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Kaskade’s ‘Redux 003’ volume is a whopping 18-track project [STREAM]

Kaskade has returned with another installment of his Redux series. Full of hits, grooves and deep cuts, this release checks in at a formidable 18 tracks. Throughout the project, Kaskade manages to keep the feeling fresh and light-heartedly funky, and the development of the project as a whole never feels stale or skippable. It’s hard to imagine the legendary producer making a more definitive musical statement.

Packed with guest features and new tracks, Redux 003 seamlessly flows between vocal, uplifting work to chill vibes to foot-stomping dance floor crushers. “Lay” is a robustly orchestrated emotional track featuring Late Night Alumni, whereas “Ruckus” featuring Sego is sure to be shaking the speakers of house stages at festivals across the world all summer.

Redux 003 paves out another exciting road in the ongoing Kaskade saga. Packed with originality and seamless effortlessness, this is one project which would be difficult for anyone else to replicate. From beginning to end, Kaskade is clearly just having fun, having mastered his production and style.