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SLANDER releases very first official music video in ‘Love Is Gone,’ ft. Dylan Matthew

Given their enormous success over the past several years, it’s hard to imagine that SLANDER has just released the very first music video of their artistic career. The Dylan Matthews-assisted track, “Love Is Gone,” features amazing visuals of astronauts in space to complement the emotional break-up ballad.

The Los Angeles-based duo said the video “has been three years in the making, ” and it was certainly well worth the wait.

“We have experienced one feeling… extreme gratitude…” continued SLANDER over Twitter. “We are so grateful you guys were patient for Love Is Gone while [we] were completing the video… we are so grateful that you guys are feeling the emotional we were trying to convey in the song… and we are grateful for all the love with have received.”

The single is a classic SLANDER production, with beautiful heaven trap elements, long build-ups, and the kind of heavy dub drops they’ve come to make their signature over the years.

Photo credit: Rukes