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Griz plays sax live from home garage in Denver

Get down with GRiZ in the Sunday funk [LIVE STREAM]

Funkmaster GRiZ has returned to his roots. At least for Sunday Funday. Lately, the Denver-residing producer has been taking to his live stream sessions on Twitch with tons of house sets. Not surprisingly so, either, since his Bangers[5].Zip is anticipated to lean heavily house. Just look to GRiZ’s most recent release on Night Bass, “Could U.” However, today signaled a Sunday Funday Holy Day because GRiZ took to his Lower Highlands pad, set up his soundboard and subwoofers, and busted out the sax.

Not once, not twice, but countless times. He even played sax over a Pretty Lights track, which sent the chat boards into a frenzy.

During his sets, which lastest over two hours and pulled in around 15K viewers across platforms, GRiZ played a whole range on funk, chill, and smooth tunes to elevate mindstates. He even dropped a powerful Alan Watts quote, some of his own inspired high thoughts, and ended with black gospel music. If you missed the stream, don’t worry because GRiZ is over at @CampKulaBunga on Instagram right now taking part in a short meditation. He will also be back live streaming in one hour for a house set.

[UPDATE: Sunday, April 5, 2020. 9:15pm CST]: GRiZ’s afternoon house set has also been added below.

Watch live video from mynameisGRiZ on www.twitch.tv