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REZZ and Grabbitz team up on passionate crossover anthem, ‘Someone Else’

The whole world is itching to collaborate with REZZ. In fact, there must be a waiting list because it seems the star-powered producer is sitting on tons of collaborations. The latest artist to receive the REZZ touch is none other than American singer and popular EDM vocalist, Grabbitz (real name Nicholas Chiari). Their new joint, “Someone Else,” is a passionate rock/dance crossover that begs to be played across any main stage sound system.

“Someone Else” begins calm and acoustic with a bit of early-2000s nostalgia. Chiari’s vocals smooth glide effortlessly over guitar plucks, airy echos, and drum kicks. As the track becomes gradually heavier, Grabbitz takes listeners into heavy rock territory as dark REZZ elements begin introducing themselves just before the song’s first drop. The rest that follows is the perfect marriage of each artists’ styles, with REZZ’s gritty, pulsating half-time measures merging with Chiari’s signature guitar chords, for an all-out anthem of heavy passion.

On the one hand uplifting, and the other sinister and, yet, full of grace, “Someone Else” just dares you to begin listening to its actual lyrics. Stream the collaboration below.