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Rusko publishes private SoundCloud playlist under new melodic techno alias, Stonehange

British DJ and producer Rusko is best known for his high-powered drum and bass style sets. He’s been leading the dubstep scene for years as both a well respected and inspiring act to many other artists. To be honest, it would be hard to picture Rusko making anything beyond bass music. Yet, the UK dub pioneer never ceases to surprise fans and a recent viral post on his social media pointed Rusko in the direction of… Techno.

Recently, Rusko revealed over Twitter that not only does has a techno side project, dubbed stonehange, but that he has made quite a bit of music under the alias. So much music that he is sharing a full album for the first time. “I just made it cos I adore that sound,” he says on Twitter.

Many artists have begun to have spin-off side projects of this nature, experimenting with different genres and sounds with varying levels of success. Rusko has certainly hit the mark, and the untitled album is both a delicate and ethereal journey, complete with samples of nature sprinkled in and beautiful, psychedelic exploration. The project is bare-bones aesthetically, featuring track titles such as “search_4_bigfoot1” and “computing_2.” This doesn’t take away from the listening experience though. Rather, it puts the focus directly onto the music and the rawness of his beats.

While he may not be aiming to be the next big name in techno, Rusko has proved he can hold his own in a whole new genre. Listeners can find stonehange album via a private SoundCloud link, where Rusko has also generously made it available for free download.