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Watch Gryffin debut his newest single ‘Cry’ at Digital Mirage

Gryffin completely crushed his set on the second day of the online music festival, Digital Mirage, which took place this last weekend over Proximity‘s YouTube channel. Digital Mirage was one of the many incredible virtual festivals that has been put on in just a short amount of time to help support and fund struggling artists during the COVID-19 outbreak. Additionally, the live stream format provides an interactive way for electronic music lovers to be entertained and interconnected while everyone stays safe at home.

Across the world, over 75,000 people were actively online for Gryffin’s set. In less than fifteen minutes, they had already exceeded their goal of $100,000 for the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund and raised an additional $24,000 for the COVID-19 charity. After a truly incredible hour of music, Gryffin topped his set off by ending with a very beautiful, emotive unreleased track, “Cry.”

Watch Gryffin debut the single below and check out more Digital Mirage live sets here.

Gryffin – Cry [UNRELEASED] from EDM

Photo credit: Julia Berstein.