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9 things we learned from Bassnectar’s surprise Facebook AMA: mixtapes, isolation, livestreams, & more

Over six months have passed since superstar DJ and producer Bassnectar (Lorin Ashton) last dropped into his Facebook fan page, Love Here, for a good old “Ask Me Anything.” As soon as 2020 began, the Bassnectar team had begun setting up an incredibly packed year, having already announced and prepared for everything from his Mexico-based festival Deja Voom to BassCenter in September. Unfortunately, like the rest of the music industry, the Coronavirus has ground all of this to a halt, canceling several of these shows and bringing uncertainty to the rest.

Staying connected through music has become invaluable to many, and despite the loss of so many events and gatherings, Bassnectar has brought fans together with exciting announcements for upcoming music releases and glimpses into his daily lifestyle. With enough information to keep followers buzzing for weeks, he’s generously provided many with a distraction from daily life. From starting a poll for fans to choose his next mixtape vibe, to adoring cute pets, here’s what Lorin revealed to all.


1) There’s mixtape(s) incoming…

…and they may have song reveals from an upcoming project on them.  Additionally, he reassures fans that despite set cancellations they can still expect to hear some of what was created in the labs.


There could be as many as three or four mixtapes, with special, curated vibes on each one. And if you voted in the poll, don’t worry– Lorin is taking responses to heart.




2) His secret album is still well underway.

Only recently revealed to fans, many have been wondering what songs are on it and when to expect it. He also reveals that the Reflective series could have up to ten parts, which is far more than expected. And last but not least: a reminder into just how massive his musical archive is.



3) Keep an eye out for a possible NYE 2019 recording.

A high-quality recording of a Bassnectar set has never been published before, and while he admits it’s a huge project and may take a while he wants to dip into the archives and release his last curated set for fans to enjoy simultaneously via a live stream.



4) He’s not a fan of doing live stream sets– saying “music is meant to be felt.”

In a lengthy answer to a fan, he dives deep into why live stream culture isn’t for him, and the possibility of ever doing one in the future.


He admits again that the spotlight has never been his favorite place, reinforcing his well-known stance that Bassnectar is not a person, but a community.



5) Freestyle Sessions faces an uncertain future.

With cancellations stretching until September, the team is examining the possibility of even more event losses. It is a sombering reality for many, reinforcing the seriousness of the pandemic.




6) Every aspect of his event production has meaning.

From the pre-show music to his iconic bassdrop, every element adds to the story he tells.


He also dips into his creative process and some of the many, many pieces that go into building a song.



7) Isolation is a mixture of emotions and productivity.

Like many of us, Lorin is feeling everything from happiness to depression, and doing his best to both relax and stay productive to make the most of quarantine. He opens up about his own struggles with anxiety in a very humble, understandable way.


He also shares some of his personal tips for surviving during such difficult times for many.



8) The possibility of a future podcast hasn’t been ruled out.

Over the past years, there have been occasional mentions of doing a podcast with celebrities such as Joe Rogan. That has yet to come to fruition, but Lorin admits he’s still interested in the idea.



9) Last but not least, he takes a moment to appreciate a pet.



Featured photo: aLIVE Coverage.