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DoLaB rescinds previous no-refund policy over Lightning in a Bottle’s cancellation

When Do LaB came forth to cancel the 2020 edition of Lightning in a Bottle (LiB), they let a lot of attendees down with the fact that they would not be refunding ticketholders. Needless to say, loyal LiBers were not appeased. “At this time all of the money that was brought in through ticket sales was already paid out on non-refundable deposits, building materials, and staff to bring the festival to life,” they stated.

Granted, the company had their backs up against a wall because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a fully independent operation, Do LaB doesn’t have the corporate financial backing to sustain a blow like this one. “The reason we are not able to offer refunds is that we are an independent company, we have no parent company with deep pockets or outside investors,” Do Lab elaborated.

In response to the strong reaction from would-be attendees, Do LaB has responded in good faith. The company released a new statement outlining their regret over disappointing their loyal community during these hard times.

“We are absolutely heartbroken to not be able to offer the light of Lightning in a Bottle during these trying times and the decision to take this extraordinary step has been a very difficult one,” the Do LaB said in a new statement on its website. “Please accept our apologies; we aim to create joy and human connection, and never want to disappoint anyone–especially all of you.”

Do LaB officials also presented to ticket buyers with three options to choose from over their ticket loss.

  1. Donation. Option one gives attendees the choice to donate the cost of their tickets to help prevent excessive debt and elimination of LiB.
  2. Exchange. Option two gives attendees the choice to transfer their 2020 ticket for a future edition of the festival in 2021 or 2022, along with an upgrade to their VIP tier.
  3. Refund pool. Option three gives attendees the choice to join a pool to receive a refund. Disclaimer: not all those who apply for the refund option will be guaranteed a refund immediately. However, Do LaB will be forthright with estimations on how many people will be able to benefit.

Clearly, LiB is deeply sorry over the reality of the situation. The 2020 edition of LiB was set to take place at Buena Vista Lake with Kaytranada, GRiZ, James Blake, Bob Moses, and many more.

Photo Credit: Aaron Glassman.