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San Holo release forth single from 'stay vibrant'

San Holo releases fourth track of his weekly-expanding music collection ‘stay vibrant’

San Holo has been offering his fans a peek inside his musical mind for a month now, releasing a new song every week as part of his new, ever-expanding music collection called stay vibrant. This week, the Dutch exemplar is back with the fourth song from the EP, “idk anything (demo),” out now on his own imprint, bitbird.

The music he’s added to the collection so far included creations that don’t necessarily belong to an EP or album but still deserve to be out there. Each song has differed a lot from the other, showcasing the bitbird boss’ capability to create many different styles of music while still keeping the San Holo feeling to it.

So far we’ve heard some familiar electronic sounds and a full guitar-driven song, but this week’s addition is something unlike anything fans heard before. Inspired by the uncertainty of the quarantine, “idk anything (demo)” fully-features San’s lyrics and vocals combining some of his singer-songwriter inspirations with his patented electronic production to create a uniquely personal and relatable record. The song was premiered during San’s set at bitbird’s online event, “create together URL Fest.”

Besides releasing a new song every week, San has been bringing his fans together on Twitch every week as well. Fans can tune in every Sunday to watch San’s pre-quarantine live-footage while coming together in the chat, truly bringing us all closer in a distant time. Fans can expect both live streams and new songs every week for the foreseeable future.