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Mixcloud launches new DJ-friendly live stream software

Live streams have proved themselves to be the method of performing during the current age of social distancing. As entire music festivals move to online platforms, the need for good software has grown exponentially. Some major platforms, such as Twitch, have been known to silence artists or remove videos when they play copyrighted music from major artists. Since many DJ’s play remixes and popular tracks in their sets, this can become a major blockage to work around. UK based live-streaming service, called Mixcloud, looks to solve this problem by paying licensing fees so that streaming artists can play any tracks they want without worry.

Mixcloud is still a fairly young program, so they warn beta users to expect a few bugs or glitches. However, it proves to be fairly promising, with many similar features to Twitch including monetization of channels through paid subscriptions and chat rooms for fans. Performers pay a small fee for access to the licensing, and viewers can join for free here. As 2020 turns into a year without music festivals, Mixcloud is moving into position as a major streaming platform to rival with the rest.

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