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Jay Robinson and Idris Elba team on mau5trap for house stomper, ‘Know Yourself’

Home to Jay Robinson‘s hit “Nineteen81” and Wear Black EP, mau5trap welcomes the producer’s newest track, “Know Yourself.” Teaming up with Idris Elba to deliver an impressive house music feat, Jay Robinson shows why he is a mau5trap favorite on this four-on-the-floor club-ready hit.

“Know Yourself” is a powerful showcase of Jay Robinson’s finest talents. Fueled by a driving kick drum, tight hats, and siphoning bass, Robinson illuminates his undeniable tech-house mastery throughout his five-minute work. Enlisting none other than Idris Elba to complete the sinister song, the pair’s production and vocal dominion offer a robust narrative. Idris Elba’s motivating vocals juxtapose against a dark, fleeting bassline, as a strong sentiment of “What you need to do is know yourself/What you need to do is be you” reverberates powerfully.

No stranger to the mau5trap label, Jay Robinson’s past projects on the deadmau5-run operation include the producer’s Wear Black EP and “Nineteen81,” as well as remixes of Joy Downer’s “Plastic Wrap” on we are friends vol. 009, and most recently, a sonic remix of deadmau5’s “COASTED.”