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Drop Doc releases heavy bass rendition of Missy Elliot’s iconic record, ‘Get Ur Freak On’

For anyone who hasn’t yet heard of Drop Doc, it’s time to start paying attention. Originally from Finland, and now residing in Denver, Tommi Pikkujamsa is the man behind the music. Pikkujamsa took an interest in electronic music at an early age. As a college freshman studying medicine, he began mixing music at parties around campus and the Drop Doc moniker was born. Today, Drop Doc’s combination of heavy, left-field bass music and signature vocal edits are quickly helping him make a name for himself in the scene.

Drop Doc’s latest remix is a hot and heavy remix of Missy Elliot‘s iconic single, “Get Ur Freak On.” Drop Doc’s take features heavy 808s, gritty synth-led basslines, left-field drops that come out of nowhere, clean mastering by SubDocta, and all the energy of the original.

“This remix is really a milestone for me; it’s my first completely original solo release,” Drop Doc shared exclusively with CE. “I’ve dabbled heavily with production in the past, but this release really represents a shift in my career from dj to producer. I’ve always loved Missy Elliott and I’m finally at a skill level where I felt like I could do her justice with a proper remix.”

The mark of a good remix rests in an artist’s ability to put their own stamp on a favorite tune, all the while leaving the original recognizably in-tact. Great remixes, however, happen in the magical moment that a remixer finds that sweet spot in the studio. Drop Doc has certainly done that on this one.