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Drop Doc unleashes relentless Halloween mix

Drop Doc is one rising producer who has been on our brains a lot over the past year. The Denver based artist has also been the minds of many in the underground bass music scene ever since he released his “very last” Bassnectar edit this summer.

Right in time for the Halloween season, Drop Doc has released a full mixtape filled with plenty of originals, upcoming collaborations, remixes, and tasty acapellas. During the 50-minute mix, he odes to Bassnectar, TroyBoi, and the like, making these prominent artists’ classics sound off with very own flavors.

Drop Doc had the following to say over the mixtape:

“It’s spooky season again! This is a comprehensive mix made up of originals, a collab, and tons of remixes/edits of friends and producers I’ve really been digging lately. Enjoy!”

The mix’s full tracklist will follow soon.

Cover artwork: AJ Mouser.