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DEKAI releases statement-making two-track ‘Introduction’ EP

DEKAI might not yet be a name on everyone’s lips just yet, but the rising bass producer out of Salt Lake City has certainly shown a knack for passion and hard work. CE has had an eye on his work since last spring when he released “Call Of The Ancients,” followed by “Mantra.” His music leans more eastern-influenced with consciously-attuned instruments like the didgeridoo and tribal African drums, yogic “ohm” chanting, and sampling organic nature backdrops.

DEKAI is now poised to release his aptly-titled debut EP, Introduction, out now on TIMEWHEEL Records. Made up of two forward-thinking bass music cuts, DEKAI pushes a wide variety of style and genres that takes listeners on a journey into the vast depths of the psyche.

The EP’s title track builds beautifully over four-and-a-half minutes with atmospheric landscapes,  lo-fi sampling, and verbose synths on the drops that liken themselves to a nostalgic Blackmill track. Listeners are then dropped off into “Moon Dance,” which cycles between left-field beats and ethereal spaces. The end result is a product that truly harnesses the power of emotion and DEKAI’s ability to tap into the mind and make us “feel.”