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DUCKY turns the lights up on refreshing 4-track EP, ‘Optimism’

Los Angeles-based producer DUCKY has been releasing a steady stream of new music lately, including single “A Place To Rest” on Deadbeats and her remix of pls&ty’s “Run Wild.” Now, the rising star returns with a brand-new four-track EP, Optimism. The EP marks DUCKY’s first short player since her Valentine’s Day EP, I Still Believe In Love, a small collection of break-up ballads.

Optimism builds on that theme with four high-energy tracks that fuse elements of electro house, trap, progressive house, and more. From the fidget house-leaning drop section on the opening track, “The Only One,” to the euro trance-inspired sections of “My Flower, Your Garden,” to the uptempo four-on-the-floor track, “Glue,” DUCKY’s newest EP is undoubtedly crafted to light up dance floors and would be right at home played out at a late-90s rave.

DUCKY says the following of the project:

“This is an EP about falling in love when you’re not sure you’re ready to, when you didn’t plan to, when you’re still broken. It moves through that process in order, from facing that damage head on, tearing yourself open anyways, and feeling the rewards of intimacy and softness with another person. It’s about knowing that you can, in fact that you will, at some point, be hurt by this person – even if it’s inadvertent – and saying fuck it, I believe that I can grow with them. I believe that this time could be different… that it could lead to something new, something blissful, something worth risking my heart for.”